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    Thread: Smart Phone

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      Angry Smart Phone

      Yesterday I activated a new smart phone. I spent a lot of yesterday and all day today trying to learn the !#@#!! thing. Today I first tried to find if my new phone had voice announcement, could not find it. I then started downloading apps off Google to do the announcements. The first three acted like they would but only played the ring tone set in the phone. Of course I deleted them. I finally looked for the one with the highest ratings. It had a 4.7. The only thing it would do was say Hello dear unidentified caller." It got deleted and I tried another. Same thing without the Hello dear! At that I gave up. I talked to a neighbor who had a Samsung and her's would talk the caller. She said it was built into the phone. With her guidance I tried what she did and boy did I get @@@#! I thought that I would never get it straightened up. Had to do a reset. It would repeat everything a caller said -- required me to tap buttons twice -- Sliding did not work! Whow!!! So I gave up on that.

      Yesterday I tried to transfer my music from my iPod. On the internet one of the paces told me to download a program and link the two through my lap top. At first it appeared to be working by installing drivers for both. Then it wanted $19.99 for one time use or $399.00 for lifetime use. Forget that!!! transferI kept searching and on Samsung site it told me about an adapter that came with the phone and wondered why it was there since there was also a USB cable for the charger. I linked the two together and on the new phone an app started with full instructions. I had to start over because the cable accidentally disconnected. Lose fit! But I finally got my pictures and music and contacts on the iPod transferred. About 20 minutes. I had a 32G music file! Last night I downloaded a free music player that did not stream. Only punching 1G of data for $14.00 through Spectrum mobile. It worked but when the screen went black it stopped. It has a feature where it will not do that but runs the battery fast. Today I got to searching and found just the right one, few adds so while I am driving ( that's when I used the iPod) I use data. If I am in a logged on wifi it uses the wifi!

      While waiting on the phone I went to Best Buys and picked up some accessories. The wireless charger is great. The clear front protector and the body protector were for a smaller phone. I told the boy what phone I was getting. We then looked at the game goggles. I didn't buy, afraid it would not fit my large Phone. My sister told me not to buy the glass protector, easier ones to use, she says. So Yesterday while I was waiting for my niece to give me the information so I could transfer my ## to this new phone and off the business account I took the items back. Unfortunately I spent more money on more items, including the goggles. With a lot of help I finally got the phone activated. That was a doozie!
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      I just call my Grandson when I have problems with Smartphones. For some reason he knows these things.

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