We will not tolerate any flaming, bashing, mocking or any other form of disrespect to any member, nor will we tolerate such manners of disrespect directed to other FTA sites, Manufacturers of FTA Receivers, or Coders.

DO NOT HIJACK others threads. Unless your input assists in resolving the question, please start your own thread. You may ask a question for a clarification that deals with the issue at hand. If you are uncertain where to post your question please Post it in the General Discussions Section.

No advertising on this site in any form without consent of the admin here. This includes but is not limited to web addresses anywhere and links to other.

Coming here to solicit members for other sites is not appreciated. This is disrespectful of all sites and is not tolerated anywhere in the FTA community

Please refrain from using coarse or vulgar language including cursing, and "implied" cursing, in the forums and chat rooms. We should respect one another and be sensitive that some of our members and visitors find this sort of material objectionable. Any postings in violation to this rule will be removed. Continued violation of this rule will result in carding and will end in a ban if it continues

Please post your questions in the correct discussion section for your receiver. If your receiver is not listed, or you cannot find the right section for your question, please post in the General Discussions Section.

Please refrain from PMing staff with setup questions. Instead post your questions in the forum where all can answer and benefit from the answers posted. If they don't answer, please do not take offense as some of us do not have the time to deal with question on an one on one basis

Staff may, at their sole discretion, move, edit, or delete any post considered to be inappropriate for either the site or a particular forum. Such activity involves judgment on the part of the staff. If you feel a post has been wrongly deleted, moved, or edited, send a PM to that staff member and DO NOT post your grievance in the forums!

We welcome and appreciate the help we receive from visiting Mods and Admins. We kindly request that you not listing your home address in your profile or post it in open forums. It is allowed for Visiting Mods/Admins to post the name of the site they are from in the Visiting Mod/Admin section.

RULE #10
Please respect the privacy of all members. Do not post any members personal information; including but not limited to email address, ip address, real name, phone numbers, or any other information that could identify them causing their privacy or security to be compromised; that will NOT be tolerated.

RULE #11
The Quote button is used to quote a member's post in a thread when you are replying to that member's post. If you use this feature, you MUST NOT modify the contents of that quote in a way that changes the meaning or substance of the original post.

RULE #12
Please be advised that any member who registers with a user name that is considered to be either offensive or in poor taste will be asked to change it to a different name. If the person doesn’t reply, the account will be removed

RULE #13
Please respect your fellow members by not using PORNOGRAPHIC AVATARS.

RULE #14
This is not a warez site so the posting of copyrighted software is not allowed.

RULE #15
For the sake of all fta members, please verify that the bin you are posting is real and not a fake. We don't want you to get in trouble from other members for killing their receivers. If you are not sure, then please leave it for someone else to post

RULE #16
When copying a post from another site, please leave the authors name in it so we know who the author is. We don't want to steal others credit, just share their insight and info. They deserve to be noted for their work

RULE #17
~Live Links~
No live links allowed. Please make sure that any link you post is edited or coded so it isn't a live link