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    Thread: Revive limesat HD Air

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      yeah .. i guess i gotta get a new reciever..

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      I have 2 limesat ultras. Both were working ok till 1 day an ecm and then could never connect to server. Trid 2 different private iks servers but had the same problem. Any idease what it could be? Please no guiesses. I need the real reson why this is happening not well it could be this and could be that. Need a real answer. If not dont wast your time......thanks....

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      slimjim551 you really need to start your own thread. Please go here and read the rules. Pay close attention to rule # 2. Thank you.

      Click here: http://dssfeedback.info/forums/showt...&p=679#post679

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      Hey slimjim,
      to answer your question, some of the card servers have a separate link just for Limesats, not sure how come, maybe ask the server people if that is the caase..
      but the only way I heard of fixing it is : there is no guarantee but this works for some/most...
      Use file 273, have all the servers set to off including the Japan server, except the one you need it to be on, if server1 doesnt work then try on server2 or server3 and check again
      make sure you are using IP not url, again Limesats are finiky that way..

      Just a refersher :

      To use the Limesat Ultra on any Private Servers of you choice merely load the Limesat_Ultra_Japan_V2.73 bin over any existing Bin or onto a New out of the Box Receiver. No Need to be loading any Factory Bins.

      Loading the Limesat_Ultra_Japan_V2.73 Bin.

      1) Download and Extract Bin Limesat_Ultra_Japan_V2.73 and load to a USB Stick
      2) Load Limesat_Ultra_Japan_V2.73 directly over any current Bin
      3) Do a Factory Default
      4) Set up and Scan your Satellites like normal (only when Proper Sat Lock is achieved)
      5) Go to Menu, Channel Options, Channel Organization. Set Channel No. to SID, Auto TP: ON, Auto Roll: OFF, DN & BEV Full Name: OFF
      6) Then Menu, User Settings,Time Settings: Set up Time Zone and DST
      7) Then Menu, User Settings, System Settings: Recall History ON, Then 12 or 24 Hr Option.
      8) If pointing at 119W, click on CH 101 and if you have Picture proceed

      Setting up the Network

      1) Click Menu, Network Settings, IP BOX Info: Confirm Proper IPs and that DHCP to ON, Exit
      2) Click Menu, Limesat Japan Public Server: Input the Trial Code
      3) Set Server to ON
      4) Click Red Button to Init Server
      4) Wait a few moments and CAID[1816} should appear if pointing at only DN and CAID[1815] Should appear if pointing at only BEV. If pointing at both DN and BEV then CAID [1816] CAID[1815] should appear.
      5) Click on CH 200 and you should have Picture
      6) If no Picture on CH 200, reboot and check again
      __________________________________________________ __

      Loading Limesat_Ultra_Japan_V2.73 (to access any Private Server)

      Setting up for Private Server Usage

      To Use Private Servers you need to disable the Limesat Japan Public Server

      1) Go to Menu, Network Settings, Limesat Japan Public Server, Click the Green Button to disable the Limesat Japan Public Server. Exit
      2) Menu, Network Settings, Server settings
      3) Click 0 0 0 0 for the PW
      4) Click Ok Button on the Server Settings Option
      5) Enter the Private Server information
      6)Click the green button to enable then click the Blue Button to initiate Server Connection
      7) Wait a few moments and CAID[1816] and other CAID codes should appear.
      8) Exit and click on CH 200
      9) Picture should be there if not, reboot the Receiver and wait for Picture

      Note: up to 7 Private Servers may be used but presently only one server can be up at any given Time. Next Bin Release we hope that it allow for the usage of multi Servers.

      To Move from Public to P$S , remember to disable Public Server first, then Enter info for P$S, you may have to reboot.

      To go from P$S to Public, remember to disable the P$S Server, go to the Limesat Japan Public Server Screen and Init Server by clicking on Red Button.

      good luck and Lettuce know if there was any joy!
      again like elk10 mentioned, try posting your own thread bro

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