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Any one know if ther is or wat file goes on a Azbox Bravissimo twin HD look for a cheap wifi box for my daughters room


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I dont know much about it ,
but from what i have read the box has over heat issues, but can be corrected with a fan install.
the support is very minimal, and next to none anymore
It does support IKS, but I think the latest update is a South American, or middle eastern file
I heard the picture is very good, but not stable
all in all they are all mixed reviews.. I'll post some for you to decide

C/P by Raul Odria "a_senna"
I think it is bad, i can not to watch any channes, is possible that is bad... but i have another and is good

C/P by Cesar
excellent very good is the best and the best price I recommend it 100% good quality best there again if I can buy the seller

C/P by victor
still the best decoder for me , one small bad thing about this unit is the overheating issue,i manage to install a cooling fan ,working great

C/P by edson felter
Bought this like 2 weeks ago and couple of days it works just fine and other days it shows not a single channel or freezes up on you. Thought that it might be the connection or the server but i have a azbox newgen in the other room and that works all the time and is even showing movies when the bravissimo twin is frozen or has a black out again.
Anybody else experiencing this?? I think i have a bad unit cause trying to connect the unit through the rca cable...i get no image or garbled image and to send it back for amazon will cost too much and will not be worth the effort.
Connecting through hdmi works but unit freezes and looses all channels.plse help

I have been trying to set up the box according of the owner manual, still I did'nt get any views of channels or free channels. Before I order this, had given questations if it can work in Suriname(South America) my country. And got positive answers. That's why I had order it. Maybe I need more assistence to set it up.
NOTE: I also did'nt get the original box as shown on the picture. It's came in with Amazon brown box.
Rene Atmo

Reviews :

Hope this helps!


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Thanks insanity dont know I just might try a different box for her
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