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Installing applications on Android is quite easy compared to many other platforms, although it is somewhat different from other platforms. On this page we list the steps needed for basic installation an uninstallation.

Note: XBMC v13 "Gotham" now has hardware video decoding!

1 Enabling installation

At the moment XBMC isn't available yet through the Google Play Store. To be able to install apps that do not originate from Google Play Store you will have to do some steps to allow this. By default this is disable however it's quite simple to turn this on.

  • Step 1: First located the settings menu on your Android device and search for the "security" menu.

  • Step 2: Now enable "Unknown sources" option. This will allow you to directly install XBMC as easy as you would install it from Play Store.
2 Download

Download XBMC for Android from our servers. Official stable builds can be found here:

  • Step 1: Load up
    in your Android web browser. Most users will want to use the ARM link, unless you have an Intel or AMD CPU.

  • Step 2: Wait for the "apk" to download.
3 Install

Installing the XBMC app package is as simple as just finding the .apk you just downloaded and opening it up. You can do this either though the download menu in the web browser or selecting it with a file explorer.

  • Step 1: After selecting the XBMC apk file you might be asked to select something to open it with. "Package installer", "Google Play", or some similar option will be what you want.

  • Step 2: You will get another confirmation screen where you will need to select "install".

  • Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete.

  • Step 4: You've now installed XBMC for Android!

  • First run: The first time you run XBMC it will take slightly longer than normal in order to finish some final installation steps. When it is done XBMC will open normally. This is only done once per installation/update, so the next time XBMC will start up a little faster.

  • All done!: Once started you are on XBMC home menu just like on any other platform.

If you are new to XBMC you might wish to check out this section of the wiki:

4 Tidy up

After XBMC has installed you can delete the downloaded XBMC APK file to save some disk space.

5 Update

To update XBMC for Android simply follow the normal install steps with the newer version. All your settings and files will be preserved as they are located in a different place in the userdata folder. Be sure to make a backup of the userdata folder when doing updates in case something goes wrong.
Note: Since XBMC for Android is signed with our own signatures you will be able to install all succeeding versions without a problem. If you are using a non-official version not signed by us you may be required to un-install XBMC and you will loose all your settings due to this. Be warned before trying.
6 Uninstall

To un-install XBMC just go to your Android settings menu and select "apps". From there you will be able to un-install XBMC like any other Android app.
Note: Unlike other OSes, uninstalling XBMC on Android will also erase your userdata folder and all of your settings.

  • Step 1: Go into your Android "Settings" app and then select "Apps".

  • Step 2: Select XBMC from the list.

  • Step 3: Select uninstall and confirm.
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