Neosat ipro 2000 setup

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Visiting Admin/Mod
Neosat ipro 2000 setup for use with newcamd....

1.factory default on Ipro2000


3.Load Factory file "up_ver137.hzf from USB STICK

4.(Ipro will auto reboot)

5.factory default again

6.Load up_430.hzf setup -
With green bars for both signal and quality rescan both 110 and 119 and save
exit Wizard - Set the language and time and skip anything else.
exit Setup....Network Setup - Set it to DHCP

10.On remote ,tap the f3 key which brings up the Current Key Info Window - set both Autorolls to OFF and the IKS MODE TO NONE.

11.With a CLEAN USB stick that is formatted to FAT32 copy and paste or drag and drop the newcamd.conf file that you have onto your USB stick.

12.With the receiver "on".. insert YOUR USB stick into the USB port on the back of the Ipro. It should blink a few times.

13.Tap the f1 key on your remote(under the slide on bottom of remote) and the Newcamd control panel will open. you will see a green box.

14. Hit the" RED button" on your remote to read the conf file and you should see in the top line the server info, port, des# and RUN-NAGRA (0x1816)

15.Hit the "GREEN button" on your remote to start newcamd. Once you see RUN..NAG in green box, hit exit...

16.Change to channel of your choice and you should have TV within 30 seconds.


1. at ipro start up each time it will ask to upgrade epg hit the ok button to exit and again to quit....
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