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chef3 have a look at this
Pansats are up my friend .. both the 2700 and 3500 .. will work
It really isn't like the old days you are accustomed to..( reciever goes down and wait for a new bin) the bins dont change every week
when the ECM goes out every Thursday .. you may notice some servers get effected...
but if you hang in there, all is Ussually fixed up by night fall, or next day..

I am assuming this is all new to you .. so here is a bit of info .. IKS (= Internet Key Sharing)

to achieve IKS you need to purchase a P$.. (= Private Server )
which will get you access to TV..
You still need to be connected to your old/new dish with lnb's attached to it
but the difference now, is the bin does not do the algorithim .. the P$ does it via Internet service

thats just a quick 101 on IKS ..

the bins you need are here for the 2700
For DN...
for Bev..
How to are located here.....

that will take care of the STB part.. now you will need some way of connecting to the internet.. there is a program called qr-ssssp ..
which can be used on a computer that is always hooked up to internet and your STB (=Set Top Box/ reciever)
here are some info's on rq-sssp
once that is set up then you will be able to use both 2700 and 3500

Your aternative is purchase a X-FTA dongle that will do all for you .. it is essentially a router

Here are the files you can use for Pansat
For DN service .....
For Bev service.....
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